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Exterior and Interior Painting

Exterior and Interior Painting can give your home an update very quickly. UNDER THE SUN LLC will guarantee a total makeover in any space inside or outside of your home or business such as the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedroom, offices, etc.

Our experts realize that you deserve the best for your home. The rooms of your home or business will claim a bright and wonderful changing outlook that reflects the inclination and dreams of our clients. By giving a careful and proficient job on the interior of your home you will have a flawless and first-class interior and exterior painting position. 

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Do you Want to completely change the look of your kitchen?

Painting your kitchen will help you recapture that old kitchen and give it an update. In some cases, painting the kitchen is easier than painting bedrooms or living rooms, wall sizes are often limited due to base cabinets, divider cabinets and backsplashes. You can contact us today for more information about our services!


While bathrooms play an important functional role in your home, they can also be beautiful. Painting your bathroom is a little different than painting other areas of your house. Bathrooms used to be filled with water from various sources and they demand a lot of use. But the size and layout of your bathroom will not be a problem for UNDER THE SUN LLC.

We will give special attention to all aspects of the bathroom painting process and finishing touches to get beautiful results.

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Working on the appearance of your deck gives your home an amazing look. Painting your deck protects it from wear and tear and the openness of the weather. Whether your goals are only practical or aesthetic, protecting your deck with paint is best because it protects the integrity of your wood.

Painted wood allows the life of your deck to be longer to overcome the different climatic changes. Giving strong colors to your deck gives long term protection and shine to your wood.


The exterior of your home can be made more attractive and tasteful by painting your fence. It will give it a phenomenal and bright look that will draw everyone's attention to your home. The fence adds both security and style to your home.

With our team of dynamic professional workers, your fence and yard will look stunning. We care about the shine and repainting of your fence, as well as we care about your flowers, lawn, and trees and shrubs.

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Other Services

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